Cómo atraer a esa persona que te gusta – Ley de la Atracción

¡Hola! En un video anterior te hable de qué hacer para tener pareja, pero si lo que estas buscando es a alguien en específico, también se puede y... ¡Te voy a enseñar cómo! https://youtu.be/7JQDkWBccXg Si te gustó el video, por favor dale "me gusta" 👍 suscríbete y comparte para ver más contenido. ¡Gracias y saludos!... Continue Reading →

Making Law of Attraction work fast (English, Español)

Hi! So, you have been trying to use that law of attraction thing and are not that excitited about the results. Yeah, that happens. I have been researching and in trials and errors for years; there are people that have invested decades in getting what they want. I cannot brag I get every single thing... Continue Reading →

My digital journey begins

Welcome to my first step! It has been long overdue, but I finally made up my mind and went online. I have been doing several things in parallel as creative outlets: started writing a few books; sketching; testing video recording, and capturing images with manual settings for a YouTube channel. Although this all started as... Continue Reading →

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