My digital journey begins

Welcome to my first step! It has been long overdue, but I finally made up my mind and went online.

I have been doing several things in parallel as creative outlets: started writing a few books; sketching; testing video recording, and capturing images with manual settings for a YouTube channel.

Although this all started as an itch that has been “bothering” for years, sort of a not so quiet voice telling me: what are you going to do with your life? It was just until this year, that I decided to do something about it and silence that pesky (but loving) presence – something tells me it will never cease.

In October 2018, I started addressing my restlessness. I watched several videos about successful people whom already had their thing going on for sometime.

Despite doing that before, several times may I add, I was not able to move forward: always going in circles between wanting to change my life, and getting mentally tired and frustrated by my lack of inspiration and resolution.

It must have been my grip on wanting a quick fix or a fast result, that blocked my evolution. So, what I did differently in my last attempt was to chill out, just looking at those people’s opinions and content without exerting pressure on me.

And then… eureka! I had it! I realized that I have always liked writing and embraced that calling. I mean, who else (that I know of) spends up to 30 minutes writing a simple email, until it feels right. I let go of my ego – wanting to conquer the world – and “settled” for just doing one of the things I enjoy.

After that change of mindset ideas started flowing, and now, it is rare to get a full night sleep! (I’m not that excited about that, but I guess in time I’ll get back to normal).

My most recent step was going on a shopping spree. I got two tripods, a bluetooth keyboard, video output cable and my membership to this site. Also, maybe not that related to my suppressed creativity: two sets peruvian pima 300 thread count sheets, the quality of my sleep needs all the help I can muster.

I decided not spend tons of money on equipment (toys), and just allow me to leverage my old ipad air 2 and S8+ phone, after all, this is a personal project and not a company.

What a relief! I finally sealed the deal with myself and delivered on my promise, no more roadblocks. It was imperative to start because as the days went by, I was feeling more and more anxious for not having a platform to convey my thoughts, but I had so many things to research prior to this day! I’m not complaining at all, but it taxed me more than I imagined. On the other hand, having the option of growing my site with my cellphone from anywhere in the world feels so empowering.

One big step has concluded, the first tangible milestone on this exciting journey.

Now, I can publish this article with a big smile, while contemplating this beautiful landscape.

Thank you for being here.

Check out the video about this post at:


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